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Summer un-officially starts tomorrow on Memorial Day (real summer is in June somewhere around the 20th when the solstice occurs, but who's counting?). White pants, shoes, and purses can come out of hibernation...

Last week I went to a tasting of eight red wines from different communes of Bordeaux put on by the Guild of Sommeliers, the professional organization that's affiliated with the Court of Master Sommeliers (through which I'm certified. But I'd like to make the distinction...

You should see my desk right now. Boring and dork-ass wine books corner to corner, more tabs open than my browser can handle, and notes scrawled down in my notebook and on a few post-its to boot. This isn't usually how I work, but in...

Note: This post was written in 2009 so although the concepts are still valid, the data has changed!    What can I say about Bordeaux? I mean, we don't exactly think of it as "Wine For Normal People" material. I remember seeing it written for the first...

Part of the reason I love wine is that every grape has a story. Whether it be that the grape has been native to an area for centuries (like Sangiovese in Tuscany), or found to be the love child of some other popular grapes (Cabernet...

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