My Favorite Wine Opener!


My favorite wine opener is Franmara’s Hugger model. You’ll love it too!


Is it a fancy, electric wine opener with bells and whistles? NOPE! This is the brand I’ve been using for 18 years (I used it when I was a waitress, opening 20+ bottles a night) and I wouldn’t switch for anything. Here are the features:
  • Single-hinged HuggerTM Corkscrew that comes with a serrated blade to cut the foil (but not yourself)
  • Floating hinge allows the lever to hug the cork so it comes out smoothly
  • You can’t tell from the picture but this is a specialized item — the corkscrew is very solid and sturdy (not your standard grocery store corkscrew). It’s 5-1/8″ long
  • In Burgundy with the logo imprinted on it — I’m helping you open the bottle every time!
  • Made in Italy
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
Price includes Shipping for all US orders!!
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