What To Expect - Wine For Normal People
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What To Expect

Class Details to Know Before You Enroll

I want to get you excited about and comfortable with wine! So in each class I’ll provide a framework with plenty of chances for dorky, down-to-earth explanation, and non-stop interaction.


Here are some details on the classes:


  • Fun and stress free classes: You’ll learn by experiencing the wine, having personal interaction with me (Elizabeth), and having things explained in a casual, “normal” way. All questions are welcome.
  • Detailed handouts with maps: These mini booklets are part of the cost of the class. They outline the class and the regions you are learning about. That means you don’t have to take any notes, just listen and have fun!
  • Buy what’s in your budget, enjoy the wines after the class is over: You get a detailed prep email outlining the wine types we’ll taste, you select wines in your budget (mine are always under or around $20/bottle except where specified,) and purchase them locally. Shopping will teach you so much about the wines before you even take the class! Buy as many or as few as you want to taste — you’ll learn a ton even if you don’t taste along with every wine. Most of the recommended wines will last for up to a week with the right storage.
  • Affordable! Make a night with friends! Classes are just $25 per person for a live class. Discounts for 2 or more apply if you are a Patreon member!
  • Take a LIVE, video streamed class at home – Online! All classes are 1.5 – 2. hours long and are conducted via Zoom LIVE VIDEO stream— you need a robust internet connection to participate but they are in real time so you can ask questions and participate as much as you want!


If you’d rather hear it from my mouth and have me walk you through it, watch the video to learn how to register and what to expect when you take the classes!

*Please note the cancellation policy: You may request to cancel your registration for a full refund, up to 36 hours before the date and time of the event. Cancellations between 25-36 hours before the event may transferred to a different class/receive credit for a future class. Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the class date/time may not receive a refund nor a transfer, as we cannot fill your spot(s) within that time frame. When you register for a class, you agree to these terms.

Ready to improve your wine knowledge?