Ep 398: The Grape Miniseries - Merlot Revisited - Wine For Normal People
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Ep 398: The Grape Miniseries — Merlot Revisited

Ep 398: The Grape Miniseries — Merlot Revisited

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Photo: www.medoc-bordeaux.com

10 years after the first show on Merlot (Episode 18!), it was time for a refresh!


Merlot hasn’t staged a comeback as a varietal wine, but it shines brightly as a part of a Bordeaux-style blend. It’s better than ever in its native home and has seen some real strides in New World regions too.


We discuss characteristics and background of the grape, the very particular conditions that it needs for quality (but often doesn’t get), and then the major regions that grow Merlot well! 


It’s International Merlot Day on November 7, so grab a bottle and celebrate this outstanding grape. 


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Check out this episode!

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