Wine Resources - Wine For Normal People
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Wine Resources

On this page you can get to some really important wine resources that I’ve created: country and regions wine maps found in the Wine For Normal People book; the Big, Hulking Winery list of brands owned by major conglomerates; and the indie wine shop list created by recommendations of WFNP listeners and readers and vetted by me.


All this wine dorkery in one place! Who could ask for more?

Winery and Wine Shop Lists


How do I know if the brand I like is made from an independent winery or a big hulking winery? These wineries dominate U.S. domestic production and if you’re looking to support smaller operations, you may want to search through this and keep it handy. I bet more than a few of you will be surprised by how many brands are actually owned by industrial wine.


If you want to support a local indie shop near you or you're traveling and want to see what's great in the city you're visiting, check out the indie wine shop list. Review and send us your suggestions for independent shops to add to the list.

Wine Region Maps from the Wine For Normal People Book

Old World Maps

Explore regions of Europe that have been making wine for thousands of years.

New World Maps

Explore the rest of the wine world where wines are typically named by the grape they're produced from.