Learn About Wine - Wine For Normal People
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Wine Education Without the Snobbery

Wine For Normal People has a podcast, a book, and online classes that focus on real wine education (yes, all the stuff you’ll get in big, serious wine books) for normal wine people who want to learn about wine in a supportive environment, where questions are welcomed, humor is appreciated, and community is king. Why shouldn’t wine be fun? It’s a hobby after all, not brain surgery.


If you’re going to drink wine anyway, you may as well enjoy the ride. So, since 2011 we have tried to make wine fun: our critically-acclaimed podcast has translated wine into relatable terms for listeners.

Quick Jump: Podcast | Classes | Speaking | Book


After working in the wine industry and being a wine lover who couldn’t get clear, understandable wine info, I was fed up! There had to be some way to make wine fun, accessible, and relatable without the BS and snobbery. I decided to fill the void. In 2011, I started the Wine for Normal People podcast. Today the show has 8 million+ all time downloads.

Behind the Mic:


I’m the main host: Elizabeth Schneider, Certified Wine Dork, and my co-host is my husband, M.C. Ice. He isn’t in the wine world. Although it would seem that I selected him for his geographic proximity, M.C. Ice (side note: he’s not a DJ or ringleader of a circus – it’s a nickname from college) is just a wine-loving normal person.


Like many of you, he’s smart, has great questions but can unknowingly make some epic mistakes in wine shopping that are awesome learning opportunities for him and for you as a listener.


The Content

The podcast is a combo of wine topics from grapes to regions to industry stuff and interviews with interesting people in the wine industry.

Who It's For

The show is for normal wine-loving people who want great wine information peppered with humor, informed opinion, and – as fans have come to know and love – “dork out” moments where I offer up technical stuff about wine.


We like to banter, have fun, and mix up our conversation with occasional pop culture references. We want people in the community who like our brand of enthusiasm, humor, and education (again, we’re for normal wine lovers, not people studying for exams!).


We’ve been cited in lots of press like The New York Times and Wine Enthusiast for our show, but we care far more about what our outstanding, smart, cool listeners think.

The Length

The show is usually around 45 to 50 minutes and new episodes are released every Monday.

Where You Can Listen

Anywhere you get your podcast! I’ve linked the most popular platforms below.

Wine for Normal People Classes are like the podcast brought to you live and online, with wine, and a few other very cool normal wine people.


A wine class was what got me into wine when I first started, so I’m a big believer in the value of structured learning and I’m a passionate teacher. A framework made an enormous difference in my enjoyment of wine.


I want to get you excited about and comfortable with wine too! So in each class I’ll provide a framework with plenty of chances for dorky, down-to-earth explanation, and non-stop interaction. Every class is taught by me.

What People Say About the Classes

Public Speaking & Corporate Events

There are few wine experts that treat you like you’re an intelligent person who wants to learn more. Wine events are often led by people who talk down to you, above you, or who dumb down the subject at the expense of your learning.


I speak with humor, enthusiasm, and an easy-going style that inspires the audience to learn more and have fun with a traditionally staid topic.

Over the last decade, I have conducted more than 400 successful public speaking events from New York to Napa, Cleveland to Verona and everything in between!


I am equally at ease presenting to groups of 10 to 300 and my audiences have included everyone from CEOs of Fortune 10 companies, Chancellors of major universities, and executives at law firms, PR Firms, trade associations, and major charities, as well as groups of normal, wine-loving people.

The Book

Wine for Normal People is a down-to-earth resource for anyone seeking an introduction to the world of wine. It’s the perfect book (if I do say so myself) for people also looking to get more detailed info in a straightforward, easy to understand way!


It took me a LONG time to finish it, but it’s beautiful, well-researched, and clearly full of solid information, snark, and opinions – just like the podcast!

What You Can Expect


  • Explanations of wine vocabulary (including how to taste), how wine gets its flavor, and a quickie tour to making wine (with the factors that actually matter called out) — no afterthoughts or back of the book glossary because these terms are essential in fully understanding the wine world
  • A trip around the wine world. This drills down into every major country in the Old and New Wine worlds. Plus a pretty detailed dive into the communes of France, regions of Italy, the AVAs of California, and info on stuff from Georgia to Slovenia to Lebanon to Canada! You can go as dorky and detailed or as general as you want
  • Practical advice on how to shop for wine in a store or restaurant, very detailed (but not prescriptive) food and wine pairing information, tips on travel and serving temperatures


AND…. All of this is delivered in the easy-to-digest normal person tone just like the podcast. I hope you can hear me talking to you in your head while you read.

Buy the Book

Learning about wine doesn’t have to be boring. I’m here to make it fun!