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The Big Hulking Winery List

How do I know if the brand I like is made from an independent winery or a big, hulking winery?

You have a right to know this but industrial wineries want you to think these brands are boutique. The wineries on this list dominate U.S. domestic production and if you’re looking to support smaller operations, you may want to read this and keep it handy.


The list includes the top wine conglomerates or holding companies. The list is updated twice a year and taken directly from these companies’ corporate sites — I didn’t just pull it out of my a$$.


It’s in alphabetical order by brand and now fully sort-able and searchable. Go nuts. I bet more than a few of you will be surprised…

BrandOwned ByNotes
[ yellow tail ]®
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
10 SpanThe Wine Group
1000 StoriesConcha y Toro
13 CelsiusThe Wine Group
14 HandsSte. Michelle Wine Estates
19 CrimesTreasury Wine Estates
1948 Estate CollectionTrinchero
7 Deadly ZinsThe Wine Group
7 MoonsConstellation
Acacia VineyardTreasury Wine Estates
AlamosE&J Gallo Winery
AlcanceJackson Family Wines
Allegrini (Amarone)E&J Gallo WineryImporter
AlmadenThe Wine Group
AlmavivaConcha y Toro
AmeliaConcha y Toro
AnakotaJackson Family Wines
AndreE&J Gallo Winery
André Lurton
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
AnewSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Angela EstateJackson Family Wines
Angove Family WinemakersTrinchero
Annie's LaneTreasury Wine Estates
Antica Napa ValleySte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
AntinoriSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
ApothicE&J Gallo Winery
Arbor MistE&J Gallo Winery
ArcanumJackson Family Wines
Argiano (Brunello di Montalcino)E&J Gallo WineryImporter
ArrowoodJackson Family Wines
AtalonJackson Family Wines
Ava Grace VineyardsThe Wine Group
BallatoreE&J Gallo Winery
Band of Roses RoséConstellation
Bandit WinesTrinchero
Barbed WireTrinchero
BarefootE&J Gallo Winery
Barone Fini
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Bartles & JaymesE&J Gallo Winery
Bay BridgeThe Wine Group
Bear FlagE&J Gallo Winery
Beaulieu Vineyard (BV)Treasury Wine Estates
Belcreme de LysTreasury Wine Estates
Bella SeraE&J Gallo Winery
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Belle AmbianceDelicato
Bellevue SeillanJackson Family Wines
BenvolioJackson Family Wines
Benziger Family WineryThe Wine Group
Beringer VineyardsTreasury Wine Estates
Beso del Sol SangriaThe Wine Group
Bieler Pere & FilsTrinchero
Big House Wine CoThe Wine Group
Bischöfliche Weingüter TrierDelicatoImporter
Black BoxE&J Gallo Winery
Black StallionDelicatoSales Agent
BlackstoneE&J Gallo Winery
Blossom HillTreasury Wine Estates
BlufeldE&J Gallo Winery
BonterraConcha y Toro
Boom! Boom! SyrahConstellation
Boone's FarmE&J Gallo Winery
BootlegJackson Family Wines
Borne of FireSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Bota BoxDelicato
Brancaia (Tuscan)E&J Gallo WineryImporter
Brewer-CliftonJackson Family Wines
Bridlewood Estate WineryE&J Gallo Winery
BroquelThe Wine Group
Brownie PointsThe Wine Group
ByronJackson Family Wines
CaladanJackson Family Wines
CalinaJackson Family Wines
Callie CollectionConstellation
Cambria Estate WineryJackson Family Wines
Canon 13Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Canyon RoadE&J Gallo Winery
CapensisJackson Family Wines
CapriE&J Gallo Winery
CaptureJackson Family Wines
CardinaleJackson Family Wines
Carlo RossiE&J Gallo Winery
Carmel Road: MontereyJackson Family Wines
Carmín de PeumoConcha y Toro
CarnivorE&J Gallo Winery
Casillero del DiabloConcha y Toro
Cavaliere d'Oro (Toscana)Treasury Wine Estates
Cave de Lugny
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
CenythJackson Family Wines
Champ de RêvesJackson Family Wines
Champagne Nicolas FeuillateSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Champagne Palmer & CoConstellation
ChandelierThe Wine Group
ChardenetJackson Family Wines
Charles & CharlesTrinchero
Château Bonnet
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Château LassègueJackson Family Wines
Chateau Smith Cabernet SauvignonConstellation
Chateau St. JeanTreasury Wine Estates
Chateau Ste. MichelleSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Château VignotJackson Family Wines
ChevriotJackson Family Wines
Chloe Wine CollectionThe Wine Group
Clarendon HillsE&J Gallo Winery
Clos de BoisConstellation
Clos de los Siete
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Clos du BoisE&J Gallo Winery
CocobonThe Wine Group
Col SolareSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Coldstream HillsTreasury Wine Estates
Columbia CrestSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Columbia WineryE&J Gallo Winery
Concannon VineyardThe Wine Group
Concha y ToroConcha y Toro
Conn CreekSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Cono SurConcha y Toro
Cooper & ThiefConstellation
Copain WinesJackson Family Wines
Copper RidgeE&J Gallo Winery
Corbett CanyonThe Wine Group
Covey Run WineryE&J Gallo Winery
Crafters UnionConstellation
Cribari Tables & DessertsE&J Gallo Winery
Crowded HouseJackson Family Wines
Cucina MistaTrinchero
Cupcake VineyardsThe Wine Group
Cuvee SauvageConstellation
Dancing BullE&J Gallo Winery
Dark HorseE&J Gallo Winery
DaVinciE&J Gallo Winery
Devil's LairTreasury Wine Estates
DiatomJackson Family Wines
DiseñoE&J Gallo Winery
Dobbes Family EstateDelicatoSales Agent
DolceaE&J Gallo Winery
Domaine Ste. MichelleSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Don MelchorConcha y Toro
Don Miguel GascónE&J Gallo Winery
Doña PaulaTrinchero
Donna Olimpia 1898Jackson Family Wines
Dorsay RoséThe Wine Group
Double DiamondConstellation
DrumhellerSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Earth WiseDelicato
Ecco DomaniE&J Gallo Winery
Echo BayTrinchero
EdmeadesJackson Family Wines
Edna Valley VineyardE&J Gallo Winery
EmbrazenTreasury Wine Estates
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
ErathSte. Michelle Wine Estates
EroicaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Esk ValleySte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
EstanciaE&J Gallo Winery
EtudeTreasury Wine Estates
Eve ChardonnayConstellation
Ex Post FactoJackson Family Wines
Fetzer VineyardsConcha y Toro
Fifth LegTreasury Wine Estates
Finca NuevaTrinchero
Fisheye WineryThe Wine Group
Fleur de Mer (Côtes de Provence)E&J Gallo Winery
Fleurs de Prairie
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
FlipFlop WinesThe Wine Group
Folie a DeuxTrinchero
FortressJackson Family Wines
Foxhorn VineyardsThe Wine Group
FranciscanE&J Gallo Winery
Franciscan EstateConstellation
Franz KellerDelicatoImporter
FranziaThe Wine Group
Fre (alcohol free)Trinchero
Freemark AbbeyJackson Family Wines
Frei BrothersE&J Gallo Winery
FronteraConcha y Toro
Fünf RieslingDelicato
GalerieJackson Family Wines
Gallo EstateE&J Gallo Winery
Gallo Family VineyardsE&J Gallo Winery
Ghost Pines VineyardsE&J Gallo Winery
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Glen EllenThe Wine Group
Gnarly HeadDelicato
Gran MoraineJackson Family Wines
Gran Reserva Serie RiberasConcha y Toro
Grape and VineThe Wine Group
GravasConcha y Toro
Haras de PirqueSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Hartford Family WineryJackson Family Wines
Hawk CrestSte. Michelle Wine Estates
HeemskerkTreasury Wine Estates
Hewitt VineyardTreasury Wine Estates
Hickinbotham: Clarendon VineyardJackson Family Wines
Hidden CrushE&J Gallo Winery
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Hogue CellarsE&J Gallo Winery
Hopes EndTrinchero
ImageryThe Wine Group
IngoldbyTreasury Wine Estates
InsurrectionThe Wine Group
Intrinsic Wine CoSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Iron & SandTrinchero
J Vineyards & WineryE&J Gallo Winery
J. Roget (sparkling)Constellation
Jackson EstateJackson Family Wines
Jamieson's RunTreasury Wine Estates
Jason by PahlmeyerE&J Gallo Winery
Jermann (Fruili-Venezia-Giulia Pinot Grigio)E&J Gallo WineryImporter
Jess and JulesJackson Family Wines
Joel GottTrinchero
Joseph Carr
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Josh Cellars
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Kendall-JacksonJackson Family Wines
KillawarraTreasury Wine Estates
Kim CrawfordConstellation
Kunde Family
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Kung Fu Girl RieslingConstellation
La BraccescaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
La CremaJackson Family Wines
La Jota Vineyard CoJackson Family Wines
LagunaE&J Gallo Winery
LaMarca ProseccoE&J Gallo Winery
Las RocasE&J Gallo Winery
Layer Cake
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Le CoeurJackson Family Wines
Le TerreE&J Gallo Winery
LegacyJackson Family Wines
Leo BuringTreasury Wine Estates
LiberatedJackson Family Wines
Liberty CreekE&J Gallo Winery
LightheartedThe Wine Group
Lindeman'sTreasury Wine Estates
Livingston CellarsE&J Gallo Winery
LocationsE&J Gallo Winery
LokoyaJackson Family Wines
Louis M. MartiniE&J Gallo Winery
Love NoirThe Wine Group
Lucky DuckThe Wine Group
Luminara (alcohol free)Trinchero
MacMurray Estate VineyardsE&J Gallo Winery
Madria SangriaE&J Gallo Winery
Maggy HawkJackson Family Wines
Main St WineryTrinchero
Maison de Grand EspritTreasury Wine Estates
Mamma MiaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
ManischewitzE&J Gallo Winery
Mark WestConstellation
Mark WestE&J Gallo Winery
Marques Casa ConchaConcha y Toro
Martin CodaxE&J Gallo Winery
Maso CanaliE&J Gallo Winery
Matanzas Creek WineryJackson Family Wines
MatuaTreasury Wine Estates
McManisThe Wine Group
MD 20/20The Wine Group
Menage a TroisTrinchero
Mercer EstateDelicato
MerfSte. Michelle Wine Estates
MeridianTreasury Wine Estates
MetalaTreasury Wine Estates
MilestoneE&J Gallo Winery
MirassouE&J Gallo Winery
Mogen DavidThe Wine Group
Moillard-GrivotJackson Family Wines
Monkey BayConstellation
MontenisaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Motto WinesSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Mount Veeder WineryConstellation
Mt BraveJackson Family Wines
Murphy GoodeJackson Family Wines
Napa CellarsTrinchero
Newman's OwnTrinchero
NielsonJackson Family Wines
NobiloE&J Gallo Winery
Noble VinesDelicato
NorthstarSte. Michelle Wine Estates
NovyJackson Family Wines
O WinesSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Oak Leaf WinesThe Wine Group
Ocio by Cono SurConcha y Toro
Orin Swift CellarsE&J Gallo Winery
Pacific HeightsTrinchero
Pahlmeyer WineryE&J Gallo Winery
Palmes d'Or ChampagneSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Paso CreekConstellation
Patz & HallSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Paul Masson Grande Amber BrandiesE&J Gallo Winery
Paul Masson WinesE&J Gallo Winery
PenfoldsTreasury Wine Estates
Penner-Ash Wine CellarsJackson Family Wines
PepperjackTreasury Wine Estates
Peter Lehmann
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Peter Vella (BOX)E&J Gallo Winery
PieropanE&J Gallo WineryImporter
Pinecroft wineThe Wine Group
Pinot EvilThe Wine Group
Poggio Al TesoroE&J Gallo WineryImporter
Polka DotE&J Gallo Winery
Prayers of Sinners & SaintsSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Primal RootsE&J Gallo Winery
ProphecyE&J Gallo Winery
Provenance VineyardsTreasury Wine Estates
ProverbE&J Gallo Winery
PrunottoSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Quail OakThe Wine Group
Quinta do Vale Meão
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Quinta SardoniaTrinchero
Rancho ZabacoE&J Gallo Winery
RavenswoodE&J Gallo Winery
Rawson's RetreatTreasury Wine Estates
Red DiamondSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Red Guitar SangriaConstellation
Red Rock WineryE&J Gallo Winery
Redwood CreekE&J Gallo Winery
Renato Ratti (Barolo)E&J Gallo WineryImporter
Rex GoliathE&J Gallo Winery
Robert Mondavi WineryConstellation
RockBareJackson Family Wines
Root & RubbleJackson Family Wines
Rosemount EstateTreasury Wine Estates
Run RiotTreasury Wine Estates
Ruta 22
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Saint Clair Family EstateE&J Gallo Winery
SaltramTreasury Wine Estates
Samuel Wynn & CoTreasury Wine Estates
Santa CristinaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Santa Rita (Triple C, Casa Real)DelicatoImporter
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Save Me, San Francisco Wine CoThe Wine Group
Schloss VollradsDelicatoImporter
Schmitt SöhneDelicato
Seaglass Wine CompanyTrinchero
Secret StoneTreasury Wine Estates
SeppeltTreasury Wine Estates
Seven Falls CellarsSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Shingle PeakTreasury Wine Estates
SiduriJackson Family Wines
Silver PalmJackson Family Wines
Simply NakedConstellation
Simply NakedE&J Gallo Winery
Skyfall Vineyard
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
SledgehammerTreasury Wine Estates
Slow PressThe Wine Group
SnoqualmieSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Southern PointThe Wine Group
SouverainE&J Gallo Winery
Spoken BarrelConstellation
Spring Valley VineyardSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Squealing PigTreasury Wine Estates
St. HubertsTreasury Wine Estates
Stag's Leap Wine CellarsSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Stags' Leap WineryTreasury Wine Estates
StarboroughE&J Gallo Winery
Stave & SteelThe Wine Group
Steelhead VineyardsDelicatoSales Agent
Stellina di NotteTreasury Wine Estates
Sterling VineyardsTreasury Wine Estates
Stimson Estate CellarsSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Stonestreet Estate VineyardsJackson Family Wines
StorypointE&J Gallo Winery
SubercaseauxConcha y Toro
SunriseConcha y Toro
SunseeerE&J Gallo Winery
Sutter Home Family VineyardsTrinchero
Sycamore LaneTrinchero
T'GallantTreasury Wine Estates
Talbott VineyardsE&J Gallo Winery
Taylor Tables and DessertsE&J Gallo Winery
Tenet WinesSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Tenuta di ArcenoJackson Family Wines
Tenuta L'Illuminata (Barolo)Jackson Family Wines
Terra d'OroTrinchero
Terra GaudaTrinchero
TerrunyoConcha y Toro
The Calling
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
The Crossings
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
The Dreaming TreeConstellation
The Naked Grape (box)E&J Gallo Winery
The Prisoner Wine CompanyConstellation
The ShowTrinchero
The SnitchConstellation
The Velvet DevilConstellation
The Walking Dead WineTreasury Wine Estates
Thomas Schmitt Private Collection (Mosel Riesling )DelicatoImporter
Three Finger JackDelicato
Three PearsTrinchero
Three ThievesTrinchero
ThriveE&J Gallo Winery
TisdaleE&J Gallo Winery
Toasted HeadConstellation
Toasted HeadE&J Gallo Winery
Tom GoreConstellation
TormarescaSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Tornatore (Mt Etna/Sicily)E&J Gallo Winery
Tott'sE&J Gallo Winery
TrapicheThe Wine Group
TributeThe Wine Group
Trinity OaksTrinchero
TrioConcha y Toro
TriventoConcha y Toro
Turning LeafE&J Gallo Winery
Two VinesSte. Michelle Wine Estates
V. NoE&J Gallo Winery
VendangeE&J Gallo Winery
VéritéJackson Family Wines
Villa Maria New ZealandSte. Michelle Wine EstatesPartnership
Villa Mt. EdenSte. Michelle Wine Estates
Villa Pozzi
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Vin Vault (box)E&J Gallo Winery
Viña MaipoConcha y Toro
Vista pointThe Wine Group
WhitehavenE&J Gallo Winery
Wild HorseE&J Gallo Winery
Wild RidgeJackson Family Wines
Wild VinesE&J Gallo Winery
Willakenzie EstateJackson Family Wines
William HillE&J Gallo Winery
WindRacerJackson Family Wines
Wine by JoeDelicatoSales Agent
Wolf BlassTreasury Wine Estates
Wycliff SparklingE&J Gallo Winery
Wynns Coonawarra EstateTreasury Wine Estates
Y & coConstellation
Yangarra Estate VineyardJackson Family Wines
YellowglenTreasury Wine Estates
Yosemite RoadThe Wine Group
Z. Alexander BrownDelicato
Zena Crown VineyardJackson Family Wines

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