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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Schneider, certified wine expert and normal wine person.

Wine For Normal People has a podcast, a book, and online classes that focus on real wine education (yes, all the stuff you’ll get in big, serious wine books) for normal wine people who want to learn about wine in a supportive environment, where questions are welcomed, humor is appreciated, and community is king. Why shouldn’t wine be fun? It’s a hobby after all, not brain surgery. Sure there are concepts you have to learn to speak the lingo, but it doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. It can be a LOT simpler and less stressful if we use more casual and clearer communication. And wine doesn’t have to ruin your confidence or hit your wallet hard (FACT: the more you know about wine, usually the less you spend and the better stuff you get!).


If you’re going to drink wine anyway, you may as well enjoy the ride. So, since 2011 we have tried to make wine fun: our critically-acclaimed podcast has translated wine into relatable terms for listeners.

3 Ways To Learn About Wine

Wine Education_Podcast

After working in the wine industry and being a wine lover who couldn’t get clear, understandable wine info, I was fed up! There had to be some way to make wine fun, accessible, and relatable without the BS and snobbery. I decided to fill the void. In 2011, I started the podcast. Today it has 8 million+ all time downloads.

wine education_public speaking

At the request of the listeners, who wanted me to bring the podcast to life, make the concepts really gel, and to build the Wine For Normal People community of awesome wine lovers, I started to teach live, online wine education classes in 2014. I’ve taught thousands of students since then.

wine education_book cover

I wanted to capture the basics of the podcast so you, as a listener, could refer to it whenever you needed to, so I wrote a book. The Wine for Normal People book came out in November 2019 to great critical reviews and acclaim.

WFNP Testimonials

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Catch up on recent episodes (or the whole back catalog) on any of these podcast players, or the player of your choice — we’re everywhere!

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Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the creators they love. Similar to the public radio or public broadcasting model, Patreon allows a way for you to help Wine For Normal People cover our costs and continue to produce content. For just $2 a month, I’ll give you extra tips and videos you won’t get anywhere else on our exclusive site. At higher levels of support you get lots of personal interaction and attention.


We rely heavily on the support of Patrons, yet less than 3% of our audience contributes. Please consider joining this exclusive community today!

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Learning about wine doesn’t have to be boring. I’m here to make it fun!